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Mooring Renewals

716-357-6288: Central Docks

Chautauqua Institution offers rental slip, ramp and buoy mooring in an assigned space. Vessels moored at an Institution or private dock are required to purchase and display a current registration sticker. The mooring rental period must match the dates on an accompanying gate pass.

Slip or ramp assignments for Institution-owned docks are subject to registration fee and a mooring fee and are billed separately on receipt.

  • Mooring Renewals & Reassignment: Must be purchased before March 15 to reserve the prior season assignment. Notification of reassignment begins late May.
  • New Mooring: Only done through the Central Dock Office. Starting June 1, contact the office at or 716-357-6288
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Chautauqua Health and Fitness Center (includes pool privileges)
Summer Season (9 weeks) $155
One Month $80
One Week $35
Single Visit ???
Chautauqua Health and Fitness: Pool only
Summer Season (9 weeks) $65
One Month $35
One Week $10
Single Visit $3